Toenail Health: How to Treat Toenail Problems at Home & When to See the Doctor by Belinda Lichty Clarke

Toenail Health: How to Treat Toenail Problems at Home & When to See the Doctor

Got toenail fungus, white spots or a purple/black toenail? You're not alone. Can these foot issues be treated at home, and when is it time to see a podiatrist?

"Some toenail issues can be treated at home – like toenails that have white spots,” says Dr. Miguel Cunha, founder of Gotham Footcare and leading podiatrist in NYC. “For this condition we recommend taking a nail-fortifying vitamin such as Hair, Skin and Nailsbiotin or even prenatal vitamins for females. Be patient and simply allow the healthy nail to grow and gradually replace the white nail over time. This can take several months to resolve as the toenails only grow a millimeter per month.”

But, in several of these cases it would be helpful to see a podiatrist. “Many people assume that their feet are just dry and cracked when they are really suffering from athlete’s foot,” says Dr. Cunha. “This fungus can penetrate the nail which leads it looking yellow or brown. Treatment generally begins with removing as much of the affected nails as possible by trimming, filling and mechanically removing the nail to a more normal thickness and appearance."

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