Are You Stuck in Your Grief? 4 Reasons We May Become Stuck After a Loss by Roxane Goss

Are You Stuck in Your Grief? 4 Reasons We May Become Stuck After a Loss

Grief is for a lifetime. However, the pain of grief eases over time as we take action to reconcile our loss. As we take time to express all the emotions. Yet, sometimes the pain doesn’t ease. The darkness never leaves. We’re unable to function or find joy. We may not know we’re stuck or why. Four of the biggest reasons we become stuck in grief are shame, guilt, anger and why

  • Shame doesn’t allow us to talk about our loss. We feel judged or that others are judging our loved one. This most often occurs with a death by suicide or overdose.
  • Guilt is common after the death of a loved one. We believe that somehow we could have prevented the death. The thing is, we don’t have the power.
  • Anger causes us to become stuck when we don’t allow ourselves to express it, especially toward a loved one that has died. Yet, it is normal and healthy.
  • Continually asking why a loved one has died keeps us in the past. It’s normal to question why, but at some point, we need to ask how. How will we respond in a way that leads to healing.

Journaling is a great way to explore why we may be stuck in our grief. It's a safe place to express all our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

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This is so helpful
Roxane Goss
That’s good to know Cassiday ! It’s why I write!
Elisa Schmitz
Yes, the guilt. Wow, what a great post. You are so insightful, Roxane Goss . xoxo
Roxane Goss
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds thank you! Guilt really seems to one of the most common ways people get stuck in grief! It seems to be part of the human condition. I certainly did! It’s such a hard place! So glad I’m past that! 💕💕

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