Unwavering Resolve Leads to Healing & Living Our Best Life: You Have Access to It Now! by Roxane Goss

5 years ago

Unwavering Resolve Leads to Healing & Living Our Best Life: You Have Access to It Now!

Today the word "resolve" came to me. I haven’t really ever thought about it. What is resolve? How does it help us?

Resolve: a resolution or determination made, as to follow some course of action.

When we are sent on a painful and unexpected path, such as the grief journey, it often takes resolve to step into that grief and allow ourselves to just feel the pain. To let the tears wash over us and cleanse our soul. To allow ourselves to be vulnerable – to heal.

The first part of my journey was most difficult. I had no resolve. I ran from the pain. I couldn’t step into the grief. I cried rivers of tears, but they were in no way cleansing. I wouldn’t allow those tears to touch my soul. It was wounded beyond recognition.

It was much later in my journey that I decided I wasn’t going to be a victim of my circumstances. I let go of the negative influences of my past and future and became present in the moment. It’s then I found my resolve.

Resolve lies beyond our minds – deep within our hearts. We have access to it at any time. It’s when we access our unwavering resolve that we can really step into our grief and walk that journey toward healing and living our best life.

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