Moving Forward After Loss: The Surprising Results of Clearing My Husband's Belongings After His Death by Roxane Goss

5 years ago

Moving Forward After Loss: The Surprising Results of Clearing My Husband's Belongings After His Death

Sorting and clearing out our loved one's belongings is an emotionally challenging task, to say the least. Even today as I think about it, my breath changes and I feel as if a weight has landed on my chest. Yet, to my surprise, I felt lighter after clearing both the items and attached emotions.

The important thing to remember is, you have to do it on your timing. No one else's. That’s if it’s possible. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a choice. I had to sell my home and move within six months of my husband’s death. It was an overwhelming and traumatizing experience.

The key for me was having someone I trusted. Someone I could be open and vulnerable with as I sorted and cleared the items. Friends that just listened to my stories and memories that were part of each special item. They listened without judgment or advice (unless asked) on whether I should keep it or get rid of it. That was huge!

Enlisting the support of a friend really helped me. However, for some, it is just too overwhelming. In that case, enlisting a professional organizer might be a good idea. Find one that specializes in helping you process your things and the emotions associated with them. You can feel lighter!

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Love all you share straight from your heart
Roxane Goss
Thank you Tribe! Your words are much appreciated!
Elisa Schmitz
I just can’t imagine how hard this is. My heart aches for you. Thank you for sharing with us, Roxane Goss . ❤️ Stephen Dimmick
Roxane Goss
It is one of the hardest things I have ever done Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds . I share in hopes it will help others and so that people who have experienced may understand! 💕

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