Self-Image Solutions: Here Are 3 Ways to Boost Your Body Image! by Dr. Sarah Allen

6 years ago

Self-Image Solutions: Here Are 3 Ways to Boost Your Body Image!

Do you ever focus on a body part and then start to be hypercritical and notice and worry about other parts of your body, too? When we think something negative our thoughts spiral, increasing anxiety until we can feel utterly hopeless. Here are three ways to nix negative thoughts and boost to your body image:

  • Get Grounded: This simple grounding trick helps you calm down the adrenaline that worry and critical thoughts fuel. Stand up and let the negative energy travel down from your racing mind, through your body and down through your legs and feet in to the ground. Feel how strong your legs are. Be present in your body. Breathe in and out slowly for the count of 4.
  • Stop That Critical Voice: Notice what you are saying to yourself. You are probably being very harsh on yourself. You wouldn’t dream of saying those things to anyone else so why is it OK to talk to yourself that way?
  • Use Your Body to Trick Your Mind: Get your body to influence your mind is to do the “Wonder Woman” stance, feet apart, hands on your hips, chin up and shoulders back. Smile! Tell yourself you are great. Louder, I didn’t hear you! That’s right, loud and clear, smile and tell yourself how great you are!

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Elisa Schmitz
Love the "Wonder Woman" idea. Very savvy, Dr. Sarah Allen ! Thanks for the great tips. We all need more self-confidence and to love our bodies!

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