​After Spring Break Ailments: How to Treat Diarrhea, Lice & Sunburn Naturally by Sherry Torkos

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6 years ago

​After Spring Break Ailments: How to Treat Diarrhea, Lice & Sunburn Naturally

Spring break getaways are a great time to reconnect with seldom-seen friends and family. But sometimes after the fun, kids arrive home with more than unforgettable memories – like diarrhea, sunburn and (horrors!) head lice.

As a pharmacist and a parent, I understand that it’s often a challenge to keep kids healthy especially when their routines are disrupted. Like many parents, I want to do everything I can to keep my child safe and healthy this spring.”

Changes in diet or routine may result in digestive issues. Nothing can put a damper on spring break more than having your child spend hours in the bathroom because of diarrhea.

Capturing memories in photos can result in another kind of unwanted problem. In the case of head lice, any head-to-head contact – such as taking a selfie with a cousin at a family get-together – could be enough to cause an infestation. In fact, head lice represent the second most common health issue infecting school-age children in the U.S., next to the common cold. Here are some natural solutions to these three common springtime ailments:

  • Sunburns: If your child comes home with a mild sunburn and a full tube of sunscreen, grab the aloe vera. It is very soothing and helps promote skin healing. Cold packs can also provide relief. Make sure your child drinks lots of water. More serious burns and blistering need to be seen by a doctor.
  • Head lice: A lot of parents are concerned about putting pesticides on their children’s heads. And resistance is a big issue, especially now that pyrethroid-resistant “super lice” are in almost every state. Clinical research has found that neem oil, which is readily available over-the-counter as Lice-Nil, is 100 percent effective for killing lice and nits. Even super lice! Just one 20-minute application and you’re done.
  • Diarrhea: Coconut water and bananas are always good to help replenish electrolytes and important nutrients your child’s body may be losing. And it may sound counterintuitive, but soluble fiber also helps. Natural guar fiber is truly regulating, and it mixes clear in water, without changing the taste, texture or aroma. It helps with both constipation and diarrhea. You may also want to give your child probiotics.

You may not be able to monitor every minute of your kids’ activities during spring breaks and getaways, but you can be prepared to take swift action should they bring home something other than great memories. 

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Elisa Schmitz
Wonderful tips, Sherry Torkos ! I shudder about the dead lice, LOL. Been there, hated that. Appreciate your insights!!

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