Organ Donation: Here's Why You Should Give So Others Can Live by Denise Mantell

Organ Donation: Here's Why You Should Give So Others Can Live

It’s not my story to completely share with the public, but someone near and dear to me was recently given the greatest gift ever in the form of a new liver. He received this from a selfless, living donor, with a little help from some donated tissues from those who had passed on. As he stays in New York City to recover, a classmate of his arrived to receive that same gift from someone who checked the box because there was not a living family match. A friend of mine received this gift in the form of a kidney a couple of years ago from a selfless stranger after being on dialysis for months.

I’m not able to be a living donor because of my own medical history and medications that I take. But my license clearly states that I’m a donor, and I hope they use every tissue possible when the time comes. One of the wisest people I know wrote the following on a CaringBridge site after her son received this incredible gift:

“April is Organ Donor Awareness Month.
Check the box – be an organ donor.
Recycle yourself – be an organ donor.
Change the ending to someone’s story – be an organ donor.
Give so others can live – be an organ donor.”

Are you an organ donor?

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Elisa Schmitz
Amazing! I love this, Denise Mantell . Thank you so much for sharing. “Recycle yourself!” So powerful! Can’t wait to see more from you. 😀
Nicole DeAvilla
Thanks for the reminder. What a powerful message.
Ann Marie Patitucci
Wow. This is beautiful, Denise Mantell . Thanks for sharing it with us. And welcome to our community of writers! We are thrilled to have you.
Katie Sloan
What a gift to help someone live a longer life! I’ve recently learned more about the process and have immense respect for the individual donors, families, doctors, nurses and support staff who are so passionate about saving lives.
Ann Marie Patitucci
Yes, Katie Sloan ! Great point. There are so many special people involved in the process.
Denise Mantell
Absolutely! Everyone I mentioned above can’t say enough about the time and care the surgeons, nurses, specialists & care coorindators gave them. Special shout out to Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC.
Sheri B Doyle
Our family has a friend who has been a receiver of donated organs twice. The amazing gift changed everything for the community of people she helps daily and who love her. Thank you for your story and reminding all of us how important it is to be listed as donors.

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