Grape Juice/Stomach Virus Method: I Tried It & Here's What Happened... by Heather Murphy-Fritz

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2 years ago
Grape Juice/Stomach Virus Method:  I Tried It & Here's What Happened...

When the rotavirus came to my house last year, I was told by a friend about the grape juice/stomach virus myth making the rounds on Facebook and decided to research it. All of my research stated that hand washing is the best way to prevent the spread of stomach viruses. 

The grape juice “method” is simple: once someone else close to you is sick with the stomach virus, but you are not yet showing symptoms, drink three glasses of grape juice daily for two to three days after the other person was sick. I am already a slightly obsessive hand washer, but unfortunately have an immune system that seems to catch everything that comes my way. I decided to go ahead and try this mystical grape juice method. 

I started it on a Friday, the first day my son was sick. My daughter starting vomiting on me on Saturday. I even slipped and fell in her puke on the bathroom floor. However, even with all of these germs on and around me, I didn’t get sick! I was rotavirus free. Was it the grape juice? Excellent hand washing? I have no idea. 

If you find yourself near someone who has the stomach virus, wash your hands thoroughly and often. If you are open to it, try the grape juice idea.

Read more about the grape juice/stomach virus method via and hand washing via

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Seriously? I have never heard of this! But, I do take grapeseed oil supplements and they seem to help me ward off viruses, or recover more quickly if I get one. So maybe there is something to this! Thanks for the interesting tip, Heather Murphy-Fritz !
Mawazna Pakistan
Thank you for great article about "Grape Juice/Stomach Virus Method". Do you need individual or family health insurance in Pakistan? Compare best health insurance now to save your time and Money with
This is so interesting. Will try it!

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