Yoga for Crazy Times: How to Balance Retreating & Standing Firm by Nicole DeAvilla

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6 years ago

Yoga for Crazy Times: How to Balance Retreating & Standing Firm

When the going gets tough, sometimes all we want to do is retreat. Sometimes retreating is the best option. Sometimes standing your ground is the better option. Often it is a balance between the two. Yoga helps us to find that balance between activity and rest, and between movement and stillness, in our practice and in our life.

Combining the movement or physical aspects of yoga with the breath and with the engagement of your mind and spirit, you can find yourself coming to a place of centered peace. From this place of centered peace you are then able to look at a situation with clarity and focus, and be able to know what actions to take and which ones not to take. Swami Kriyananda said it best with his affirmation for the Supine Firm Pose: “Energetic movement or unmoving peace: The choice is mine alone! The choice is mine!”

Take a moment to move, breathe, center now. You can choose from a selection of easy-to-do-in-the-moment yoga videos on 2 Minute Yoga Youtube Channel. Now choose: take on this crazy world – or not!

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Elisa Schmitz
I just love this, Nicole DeAvilla . Yoga centers me. I'm going to my first yoga class in months tomorrow. I have missed it so much. Thank you for this wonderful inspiration - it's needed now more than ever! xoxo
Nicole DeAvilla
I hope your class was wonderful! Regularity is so helpful.
Meredith Schneider
Yes! So ready to retreat right now. Thanks for sharing Nicole DeAvilla ! :)
Marianne Clyde
Thanks. Needed the reminder ;-)
Michael Kennedy
I try to get yoga in a few times a week even if just whipping out the mat from under the bed and closing the door for 15 minutes. Thanks for the reminder! #YogaRocks

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