Office Yoga: 5 Ways Reduce Stress & Find Your Zen From Yoga Coach Dana Santas! by Stephanie Cannoe

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4 years ago
Office Yoga: 5 Ways Reduce Stress & Find Your Zen From Yoga Coach Dana Santas!

Your breath has a positive effect on the parts of your brain associated with attention monitoring and working memory. One study from the University of Washington even showed an increase in the ability to multitask. If you combine diaphragmatic breathing with meditation, you can also mitigate your stress response, lowering blood pressure, heart rate and cortisol (stress hormone) production. To combat the adverse health effects of prolonged sitting, most health care professionals recommend getting up every 20 or 30 minutes for at least two minutes. Set a timer on your computer to prompt you. Here are five techniques from yoga coach Dana Santas that most anyone can do right at their desk!

  • Sit Down and Relax: Connect the breath to the body with kind attention. 
  • Figure-four Hip Opener: When you stand, it's a good idea to stretch the the muscles you've been sitting on by practicing a hip opener. Sitting or even standing for prolonged periods can stifle circulation and lead to edema and spider veins.
  • Warrior One With Hip Flexor Release: Releases overactive hip flexors and elongates compressed side waist muscles while activating deep-core muscles for balance.
  • Standing Hamstring Stretch: While holding your chair back or desk for balance, place your left foot on the seat of your chair. If necessary, lower your chair height to a safe, comfortable level.
  • Seated Twist With Reach Back: Increases mid-back mobility and releases overworked upper back and neck muscles; promotes proper shoulder blade positioning for better posture.

Read more about office yoga and see images that demonstrate these poses via CNN here!

Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
How'd you know I need to get up right now and do this, Stephanie Cannoe ! Great tips, and I love yoga. Thank you!
Stephanie Cannoe
I need to too, that's how! Lol ...

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