Treating Migraines: New Ways to Treat Acute Migraine Headaches by Jacob Teitelbaum

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6 years ago

Treating Migraines: New Ways to Treat Acute Migraine Headaches

What if migraine headaches were optional? The good news is that they are! As physicians, we are predominantly trained about the newest and most expensive medications. Unfortunately, most physicians never hear about the research on highly effective and safe treatments if they are low cost. Basically, we learn about the hammer in the toolkit. But not the rest of the tools. I find that when we use the whole toolkit of healing options, almost everybody can get migraine free.

So how do you begin treating acute migraines? Most of you are familiar with using Imitrex and other “tryptan” medications. These can be helpful and, because they are expensive, are what most physicians are taught about. But here is one tip you may not have heard about, which will guide you on how to use these medications.

A fascinating study at Harvard showed that 75 percent of migraine sufferers get painful sensitivity to normal touch around their eyes (e.g., wearing eyeglasses). If you use Imitrex before you get the pain and tenderness around the eyes, it will knock out the migraine 93 percent of the time. If the pain and tenderness around the eyes has already set in, Imitrex only eliminates migraines 13 percent of the time. So, it is better to use the tryptans early in the headache. In large part, this problem occurs because once the sensitivity around the eyes sets in, your stomach goes to sleep and will not absorb the medication. Taking caffeine with it can help wake your stomach wake up. Interestingly, Excedrin Migraine, which contains caffeine, is as effective as the Tryptans. So, this offers another useful tool.

The most effective way to eliminate an acute migraine that doesn’t respond to the medications? Giving 1g of magnesium intravenously will knock out 85 percent of acute migraines in 45 minutes – making it more effective than narcotics. If the emergency room doctor is not familiar with this research and will not give this treatment, develop a relationship with a holistic physician (visit who can. I’m happy to supply the studies on this treatment if you have an interested physician.

The herb Petadolex (butterbur) can also help with acute migraines.

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Donna John
I had my first - and only - migraine headache episode earlier this year. I wish I had known about magnesium. I was hospitalized and given IV drugs, but it only lessened the pain a bit and not for long. Thank you for sharing this, Jacob Teitelbaum . I hope I never have another one, but know there are millions who suffer with them.
Jacob Teitelbaum MD
Welcome! just knowing that you now have the power to be free of them can make all the difference :-)
Jacob Teitelbaum MD
PS – stay tuned for part two which will tell you how to prevent over 80% of migraines!
Elisa Schmitz
Wow! This is powerful information, Jacob Teitelbaum ! I have had them in the past and thought I would never survive. Thank you for giving us hope! Jacob Teitelbaum MD
Molly Laird
I have struggled in the past with migraines and live in fear almost daily for them coming back.... Thank you for sharing
Denise Allred
I have been in bed for three days with unbelievable pain. I was slow on "the uptake" with this one. I didn't realize it until too late. I took the sumatriptan (which I dislike very much because of nausea) so it didn't work. I tried Norco and Soma too. I'm so afraid of "rebound" headaches that I limit to only one Norco. I hate the ER routine and injectible Imatrex sets my head on fire anyway so I've just suffered through. My head is very sore today and my vision is blurry. I'm glad for the hint of eye pain/pressure around the eyes as a signal. I usually do have this symptom but I hate the Sumatriptan so much that I wait too long. Thank you. I have heard about the Magnesium too. I have RA/D and Fibromyalgia so I'm on a large cocktail of drugs. I have to get approval for any supplements so I will be asking about it.
Keith Sereduck
Interesting. I startes takinf magnesium during the last year to aid in the prevention of muscle spasms. I've noticed a dramatic decrease in the amount of migraines I've had over this time. Good to know the correlation.
I suffer this discomfort since I was 7 years old and in times of great stress, migraines increase considerably, I was hospitalized and I underwent many treatments, it is good to consider other options.

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