Loss of Sleep Linked to Heart Disease & Stroke in Women by Dr. Shayna Mancuso

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2 years ago
Loss of Sleep Linked to Heart Disease & Stroke in Women

In our fast-paced world of deadlines, dinner parties and diapers, we have begun to view sleep as a luxury instead of an absolute necessity. A study from the University of Pittsburgh now suggests a link between lost sleep and an increase in risks factors for heart disease and stroke.

The research team assessed 256 women between the ages of 40 and 60. They discovered that plaque buildup in blood vessels rose for every hour of sleep lost. The highest amount of arterial wall thickening was seen in women who slept only five to six hours a night. They also found that women who reported poorer sleep also had more thickening of their blood vessels.

You can read more about this sleep study via HealthDay!

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Judy Thow
Great article... I am going to try harder to get those extra winks. Never knew the connection ... less sleep contributes to plaque buildup in vessels.
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
This is extremely frightening, given I only get maybe 5-6 hours of sleep a night. Many thanks for the "wake-up call," Dr. Shayna Mancuso! Need more ZZZZs...
This was 'eye opening' information! Thanks for getting the word out!
Heather Davis-Carlopio
Craziness. I try to make sleep a priority, which isn't easy with all the things that need to be done each day. I knew that it was damaging to health to miss sleep but I had no idea that it was to this degree! Great info.!!
How scary! Logging off now and getting some zzzz's. Thanks for the info!
Terri Jones
Wow! Menopause makes sleep quite elusive sometimes. I've started using CBD oil to keep from waking up as much throughout the night. I've gone from waking up on average three times a night to once (on my best nights). And I feel far more rested and clear-headed than when I was taking a sleep aid. Once I get through the 8 weeks they recommend to see full effects, maybe I'll write a tip about it!!

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