Healthier Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe (Less Sugar, More Fiber & Added Nutrition) by Keri De Deo

Healthier Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe (Less Sugar, More Fiber & Added Nutrition)

Is it possible to make a healthy cookie? I pick up packaged cookies claiming to be healthy, but I can't pronounce the ingredients, or there's too much sugar and not enough fiber, so I give up and put the package back. I was beginning to think I could never eat chocolate chip cookies ever again. But then I got out my aunt's famous chocolate chip cookie recipe and set out to change her recipe into a healthier version (gasp!).

For me, healthier means less sugar, more fiber and some added nutrition. I think I have discovered it! In a blind taste test, my friend actually chose this chocolate chip cookie over the original recipe! I hope you'll agree that this cookie is not only delicious, but the recipe is gluten-free and a bit healthier than a traditional chocolate chip cookie. Try it yourself and let me know what you think! They're fantastic as a dessert dipped into coffee!

This cookie recipe is halved from the original and makes about 20 cookies, depending on how big you want them. I used a medium cookie scoop, which is about 2 tablespoons.

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Cuisine: American 
Prep Time: 10 minutes 
Cook Time: 12 minutes 
Total Time: 22 minutes 
Servings: Makes about 20 cookies


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Recipe Notes

  • I prefer the taste of vanilla bean paste, and I used more than the original recipe. It adds more flavor, but vanilla paste contains a small amount of sugar.
  • The original recipe called for one egg, but this is difficult to halve. If you're doubling the recipe, keep the one egg. You could use an egg replacement as well.

Here's how to make it:

  1. Cream together the shortening, both sugars, the vanilla, salt and cream of tartar. (With sugar-free sugars, the batter will feel a little gritty, but don't worry, it won't affect the flavor or texture of the baked cookie.)
  2. Add the egg and beat until fluffy. (I used an electric mixer for this part so the batter would be fluffy.)
  3. Sift baking soda and flours together into the creamed mixture. (Sifting is very important when using nut flours. You want them to be as smooth as possible.) Mix until combined.
  4. Add the chocolate chips and nuts and stir. If you're opting to add the flax seed, add it here. I wanted the extra boost of protein and nutrition, but it's purely optional. (Flax seed is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and protein.)
  5. Cover a cookie sheet with parchment paper or use a silicone baking mat. (I used both because I needed two cookie sheets, and I only have one baking mat.) 
  6. Using a spoon or cookie scoop, drop onto the covered cookie sheet(s). Bake at 325 degrees F until edges are browned, about 12 minutes. Let cool on a cooking rack.

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Am I missing where the nutritional info on your healthy chocolate chip cookies can be found?
Fantastic! Sure looks good and great numbers.
Thanks much.
Elisa Schmitz
OMG, Keri De Deo , this recipe is amazing. A healthier chocolate chip cookie, and it’s gluten-free, right? I need this in my life, thank you! 🙌🏼

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