Omelet in a Bag: This Recipe Hack Will Change the Way You Omelet by Donna John

10 months ago
Omelet in a Bag: This Recipe Hack Will Change the Way You Omelet

When a recipe for an omelet made in a plastic storage bag and boiled came across my Facebook feed, it had to happen. The omelet may not win a beauty contest, but it tasted great. Red pepper, grated Parmesan and chopped onion were my mix-ins of choice, and the garnish was a sprinkle of dill. Now, why would you want to make omelets in a bag? Here are a few good reasons:

  • On a camping trip, make these the night before and all you need to do is boil a pot of water in the morning. You could even make them before you leave and keep them in a cooler.
  • If your kid has a slumber party, let the kids prepare their omelets that morning or the night before and write their names on the bags. Throw them all into a large pot of boiling water and you're officially a slumber party pro.
  • Have a fun family omelet night. Put out a bunch of fillings and let your family create their own unique omelet. Picky eaters may even give it a try if it's prepared in a fun way. 

You'll need:

  • eggs
  • omelet mix-ins: shredded cheese, chopped veggies, chopped cooked meat, chopped herbs, etc.
  • gallon-size plastic freezer bags

Here's how to make it:

Crack 2-3 eggs into a storage bag.

Add your desired mix-ins and season with salt and pepper.

Squish around in the bag to combine.

Add to boiling water and cook about 13-15 minutes, or until the eggs reach desired doneness. (The more ingredients you had, the longer it will take.) 

Cut open the bag and slide it onto a plate. Garnish as desired.

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Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
How creative and fun, Donna John ! Love this idea for kids and friends, too. Smart and yum!
I added turkey, 1/2 red pepper, cheese and mixed it up with motion nature blend. Mashed it in the bag and boiled it for 14 minutes. It came out watery which I do I have to agree, I may have added more and my baggie was melting some. Could have had it on a higher heat.
Donna John
I didn't have an issue with the bag melting. It probably need a little more time because you added more ingredients. Thanks for letting me know. I've made notes in the recipe above.
Terri Jones
How interesting! Although I personally love making omelets the old-fashioned way, although they usually look pretty messy!! How do you keep the boiling water from melting the bag?

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