You're About to Be Stranded on a Deserted Island: What 4 Items Would You Take? by Mike Prochaska

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6 years ago

You're About to Be Stranded on a Deserted Island: What 4 Items Would You Take?

Let’s play a game! Let’s pretend you rented a giant yacht for the weekend somewhere warm. It’s one of those amazing boats that has a bedroom underneath and a fully stocked kitchen. So, you take your boat out into the sea for a sunset cruise and are drinking wine and beer and having a great time. Then out of nowhere the sky gets pitch black and a storm rolls.

With the winds and waves kicking up, the boat begins to fill with water. You try to bail, but the crashing waves fill your boat with water faster than you can empty it. But lucky for you, you can see an island in the distance, but there is only time to pick up four of these things to take with you to the island. What would you take and why??

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Donna John
Ha! Well, for sure I'd take insect repellent and a flashlight. Hmm. For the other two I'd pick the tent and matches. Though the pot (cooking vessel, not weed!) comes in a close fifth. Not sure what I'd cook, but hopefully I'd be on an island full of edible vegetation... :-) Mike Prochaska
Mike Prochaska
My luck there wouldn’t be any vegetation just sand Donna John
Mike Prochaska
I would take hammock to sleep on, toilet paper or my luck I be using poison ivy to wipe, a fishing rod to catch some fish to eat and matches to start a fire to cook
My fish and keep me warm at night..
Dieter Schmitz
Harkening back to my scouting days, I'd want fire, water, food, and shelter. So, matches, water purifier, cooking pot, and tent. Done!
Bri Montoya
I'm going to go basic and hope I can get creative...Matches, Cooking pot, water purifier, and fishing rod...
Stephanie Cannoe
Matches. Knife. Hammock. Tarp. (Chapstick!) I JUST NOTICED WATER PURIFIER. A must have - water!
Mike Prochaska
Yes water purifier one I never Thought of taking but it it salt water you will
Need it
Elisa Schmitz
I’ll take the tarp, cooking pot, knife and matches! Gosh, I hope this never happens, lol! 😬 If I can have a fifth item, I’d bring Dieter Schmitz , my Eagle Scout!
Ann Marie Patitucci
Love this question, Mike Prochaska ! I'll take the water purifier, tent, cooking pot, and matches. Let's hope this stays hypothetical because I would not do well in this scenario; I've never even even camping!! :)

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