Male Early Childhood Education Teachers: Here's Why We Need to Support Them! by Bill Ellis

5 days ago

The stark reality of the gender imbalance in my chosen field of Early Childhood teaching hit me hard on the first day of my teacher training course, where just three men in a group of 18 was celebrated as an apparent step forward. I was confronted on teaching facilities, too, where most of the staff toilets were strictly out of bounds to me, as you had to walk past the toilets that the children use to get to that toilet. Surely school buildings were not built with the assumption that the teacher would not be male? 

Lastly, while most colleagues are incredibly supportive, there are always a few who subconsciously see Early Childhood as "their" territory, with male teachers being against the norm at best. All things considered, it's high time I put forward a tip or two: 

  • Collegiate groups like the Males in Primary group (for Western Australia public school teachers) are a lifeline. Get involved. 
  • When someone acts surprised at your field of choice, act surprised at their reaction! 
  • NEVER, ever give up. Most male teachers are good people, and our school communities need them just as much as they need good female teachers. Hold your head high.

This video is longer than 30 seconds, but we think it's worth it. 

Photo: M.Gilligan

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Donna John
Growing up and when my kids were in school, male teachers seemed to always be the favorite. Thanks so much for reminding us that ya'll need our support ... and welcome to the tribe! Bill Ellis
Mike Prochaska
Yes love this! Thank u bill
Mike Prochaska
Thank you bill for writing this tip and reminding men to not give
Mike Prochaska
Just shared this everywhere welcome to the clan
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Wonderful first tip! I agree with Donna John that my kids always seemed to love their male teachers. Somehow, they brought that fun factor to early childhood education. So glad to be sharing your voice here. Welcome to our #30Seconds tribe, Bill Ellis !
Bill Ellis
Thank you for the welcome, everyone!

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