You Don't Play at Work? Read on to Find Out Why You Should Play on Company Time! by Teacher Karen

2 years ago
You Don't Play at Work? Read on to Find Out Why You Should Play on Company Time!

Play is usually associated with children, but play is just as vitally important for working adults! Everyone benefits when given a break, some time to recharge, coming back to work with more focus, creativity and energy. And the perfect way to do that involves some form of play! When workers play their:

  • imaginations are stimulated
  • problem-solving skills are honed
  • stress levels are lowered
  • social connections are strengthened

All of this is a direct result of play! Employee moral improves and new ideas and/or solutions are created. Companies can reap huge benefits for what amounts to a little effort – providing time for employees to play! It can be easy to implement: 

  • How about ultimate Frisbee out on a field?
  • Creating a company LEGOland in the break room?
  • Dedicating walls for art using different types of art media?

Survey your employees to find out which form of play suits them best and then do your best to make it happen!

Wouldn't having an outlet for play make you want to go to work? I think so, too!

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Bri Montoya
I work in child protection and I know that our office could DEFINITELY use some play!
Teacher Karen
Oh goodness...thank you for all you do to serve children and YES I agree jobs like yours, with a lot of stress associated with them, would definitely benefit from PLAY!

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