Family Travel Memories: Try This Hack for a Quick & Inexpensive Souvenir! by Keri De Deo

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6 years ago

Family Travel Memories: Try This Hack for a Quick & Inexpensive Souvenir!

Do you like receiving postcards? I do, so when I take a trip, I send a postcard to myself along with my family members! I list the activities I enjoyed, the side trips I took, the dates of the trip, where we stayed and any first-time experiences. Last year I went to Cancun with my family and sent myself a postcard. When it arrived, I was reminded about snorkeling, kayaking, horseback riding and seeing a sea turtle for the first time!

Try it on your next trip. Pick a postcard that's a collage of different photos or of your favorite spot. List the activities you and your family enjoyed including the dates and where you stayed. When it arrives, you'll be reminded of the wonderful things you did on vacation. If you want to visit the same spot, the information is right there! Then, you can put it in your scrapbook or frame it. Better yet, create a collage of different postcards and put them in a shadowbox with other souvenirs.

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Ann Marie Patitucci
I love this idea, Keri De Deo ! Thanks for sharing it with us. And welcome to the tribe!
Keri De Deo
Thank you!! It's a pleasure being a part of this wonderful tribe.
Meredith Schneider
Awesome tip Keri De Deo ! Welcome to the #30Seconds tribe!
Keri De Deo
Thank you, Meredith!
Elisa Schmitz
What an awesome idea! Love it, Keri De Deo . Welcome to our #30Seconds tribe. I look forward to more of your posts!!
Jessica Acree
What a fun idea for having an extra keepsake with more meaning :) I will have to try it this summer! I also like making a vacation photobook of the big trips!

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