Bored Kids at the Airport? Play This Game to Keep Them Entertained! by Meredith Sinclair

Traveling With Kids
5 years ago

If you fly with your kids, then you know the joy of long waits in the security lines and at the gate. One way to keep them entertained, happy and whine-free is by turning them into scavengers. Put together a simple scavenger hunt for your kids to complete as they work their way from security line to take off. Make a list of things for them to look for, like:

  • a barefoot baby
  • a man getting his shoes shined
  • a woman wearing a red scarf 
  • a guy they think is an undercover spy

When they've found everything on your list, have them make one for you to complete. It's a win/win!

Naimah Razak
Thanks! The only thing I would be afraid of is my 3 year old pointing out people and them not liking it. Haha. I suppose I could use other objects for him. Fun game!

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