Taking a Road Trip With the Kids? This Travel Hack Makes It So Much Easier! by Holly Budde

Taking a Road Trip With the Kids? This Travel Hack Makes It So Much Easier!

Taking a road trip and your kids want to take everything they own? I started this "rule" when both my girls were little and it still holds today – I treat the car like an airplane. Each kid gets one take-on bag. Anything they can put in that one bag goes in the backseat for their entertainment along the way. All other bags go in the back (trunk) not to be touched until arrival.

If you're super smart, you will spend the money for a matching set of luggage and tote bag. When you arrive, they can unload and pull it along themselves. Both of my girls have managed this since age 3. It sure makes traveling with them easy!

Kim Kusiciel
We follow the same rule for our road trips! We also have a "common open-top bin" that shared items and snacks are in so that they have easy access to anything without having to bother the driver. Nice tip Holly Budde!
Holly Budde
ha kim kusiciel. they like to think the snack bag doesnt count. so yeah!! generally 3 bags 'on board' 😉
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
Love this, Holly Budde ! We do something similar too. Great minds... :)

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