Traveling Soon? This Simple Travel Hack Will Give You Peace of Mind! by Lisa Henthorn

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2 years ago
Traveling Soon? This Simple Travel Hack Will Give You Peace of Mind!

Travel is stressful. Planning ahead, packing for all, navigating security lines... Even the most organized of us super moms can overlook something, and there's only so much within our locus of control. The reality is, travel documents can get lost or stolen, adding a much unwanted hiccup to the best-laid travel plans. To protect yourself, scan yourself! Scan copies of important travel documents, including:

  • your ID (front and back)
  • passport
  • visa
  • airline tickets
  • debit and credit cards

Then email the copies to yourself or store them on your phone so you always have them.

Mei Marcie
Or install apps for airline checkin :)
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
What a smart idea! I will keep this in mind for my business travel next month! Thanks, Lisa Henthorn !
Matthew Jones
This is easy compared to business travel and obtaining a business visa to Ukraine. I described a lot of information here I had problems with it. But I figured it out on my own experience. Although on the other hand it is worth it.

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