Skiers & Snowboarders: Is Your Body Prepared for the Next Adventure? How Pilates Can Help by Sandy Greiner, NCPT

Skiers & Snowboarders: Is Your Body Prepared for the Next Adventure? How Pilates Can Help

Have you ever reached the mountains and found unexpected conditions threatening your anticipated fun? When there is hard-packed snow, heavy, wet snow or sparkling deep powder, the limits of your body will be tested. Why is Pilates a superior choice for pre-skiing training?  

  • Pilates helps to correct muscle imbalances and reduce compensations, inefficiencies which add to fatigue on the slopes. 
  • Pilates training on the chair and the reformer readies your body for the off-camber and off-balance challenges of changing terrain and bumps at high speeds.
  • Pilates exercises are done in a wide variety of positions and planes of motion to develop better body awareness, while maintaining trunk stability to maximize extremity mobility and proper core recruitment and timing. 

We spend so much time and money getting to our treasured mountains. Make your days on the slopes more enjoyable by preparing your body with Pilates. Then, after a full day of skiing, you can kick off your boots, get in the hot tub and feel on top of your game.

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
I'm not the best skier, so I think I will take your advice here, Sandy Greiner, PMA-CPT ! I need to get back into Pilates!!
Mike Prochaska
I just hope we get some snow this winter so can go skiing. Last winter was weird here in the Midwest and never got out last season.

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