A Foster Mom's Prayer: Foster Children Need Us to Do Hard Things by Katie Fulton

A Foster Mom's Prayer: Foster Children Need Us to Do Hard Things

I've been guarded about our foster journey. I know everyone knows it isn't easy, but I worry that if I am too transparent about the struggles that it will turn others away from helping fill the desperate need for families to love kids. The facts are: 

  • This is hard.
  • We are not saints or heroes.
  • We are a normal family that has chosen to do a hard thing. Because we believe God has called us to care for this marginalized population. 

These children didn't ask to be in a "system," yet they find themselves there. Scared. Alone. Guarded. Traumatized. As we prepare to say goodbye to our first foster loves I am praying. Praying...

That they’ll have some fun memories of our short time together.
That God has gone before them to prepare their way. 
That their new home loves them unconditionally. 
That they always know none of this was ever their fault. 
That they know they are loved. 
That God filled in the gaps that we missed while we had them in our home and family.
That God heals my children that are hurting to say goodbye (not knowing if or when they’ll see or talk to these children who started out strangers, but became family).
That God helps my heart mend to do this again with new little loves that need us.
Lord hear my prayers.

This hasn’t been easy. It has been downright hard at times. Dealing with behaviors, tears and wounds that were seen and unseen. And now a terribly hard goodbye. But these kids need us to do hard things. 

I encourage you to consider if you or your family are capable of loving kids from hard places, or at the very least ask around about how you can support families that are doing foster care. It can be a scary and isolating road for foster families. Would you consider walking along side them, and loving their foster loves with them?

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Elisa Schmitz
Oh my goodness, I am in tears, Katie Fulton . Thank you for sharing this. And even more, thank you for sharing your life and your heart as a foster parent. God bless you!
Anna Summitt
I love your prayer. ❤
Tiffany Zook
So beautiful... I love your heart !

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