National Foster Care Month: Fostering Healing & Planting Seeds of Hope by Tiffany Zook

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9 months ago
National Foster Care Month: Fostering Healing & Planting Seeds of Hope

Foster care. Those two words can’t begin to sum up the job description. Spending time with kids in care is the most rewarding experience. More than caring for children’s daily physical needs, a foster family cares for their hearts, listens lovingly, helps them achieve their dreams, teaches teens to drive, sits patiently at appointments, celebrates birthdays, rejoices over success and cries with them over loss. Foster parents bandage wounds both inside and out. They plant seeds of hope, healing and forgiveness. If you are not in a position to foster, be a support to a foster family in your neighborhood. 

  • Organize meals.
  • Offer to babysit.
  • Donate baby equipment, clothes and toys. 
  • Plan a play date.
  • Host a build-a-bike for foster kids. 

We can all support the kids in care in our community.

Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
Thank you for bringing awareness to this important issue, Tiffany Zook . And thanks for being such an amazing foster mom & person!
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
I love this! Thank you for sharing your perspective and experience with foster care, Tiffany Zook . You are amazing! I am so grateful you are part of our tribe!! xoxo
Meredith Schneider
Thanks for sharing this Tiffany Zook ! When I was little I had two foster sisters in addition to my two older sisters. It was an incredible experience for us but sad to see them leave.

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