Emotional Warfare in Relationships: How Emotionally Cruel Behavior Affects Your Marriage & Daily Life by Jessica Lawrence

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7 months ago
Emotional Warfare in Relationships: How Emotionally Cruel Behavior Affects Your Marriage & Daily Life

I recently read a great article about a phrase I'm quite familiar with: emotional warfare. If you've read any of my previous posts, it's quite easy to piece together that I've been in some pretty unfortunate relationships. My goal is to break the cycle. But, damn! That cycle is hard to break.

Emotional warfare is described as emotionally cruel behavior, such as trying to make someone feel jealous, inadequate, angry, etc. Shouldn't it be common sense to just treat others with kindness? Apparently not, in this modern day and age.

Many times, I'm left to guess what exactly went wrong in my own mind, rather than having someone tell me directly. It's almost as if you're good enough when that person wants something, but not good enough to have them be direct and tell you the feelings they are having.

The "situationship" I recently came away from is actually nowhere near as bad as previous relationships, which is proof I am growing and progressing from allowing this to happen. However, it was still there – the lack of certainty and lack of directness when it came to feelings. On those days, I found it hard to breathe, hard to focus and hard to be myself.

What can I say? I'm a work in progress.

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Aren’t we all? Growing every day... 💗
Jennifer Coken
Situationship. That phrase is one I've never heard before, am straling, and definitely described a sitiation I used to be in. And here I thought I was alone! Thanks for pointing out that I can make the necessary change!
Gwen Johnson
I am so enjoying learning more about your life. Know you have people pulling for you here, Jessica Lawrence . You've got this.
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
I love all you share with us, Jessica Lawrence . I can so relate to going through "emotional warfare." It leaves you mentally and physically exhausted. Hang in there. You are incredibly strong and good things are ahead for you!

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