Relationship Breakups & Aging: Do They Both Get Harder Over Time? by Jessica Lawrence

Relationship Breakups & Aging: Do They Both Get Harder Over Time?

For a little while now, I've been relying pretty heavily on someone. This person has listened to me talk about friendships, my career, my difficulties juggling everything, my daughter – you name it, he's heard it. It's not been a serious relationship because of many factors, but it's been ending slowly and surely. Which got me thinking, why does it hurt so much now?

I have found that the older I get, the harder I take the end. I've only dated a few people since the demise of my marriage. One that lasted a year, one that lasted a few months and now this. Each time, I wasn't looking for someone. It just appeared. But this one seemed to make the most sense. It was that click, that spark. So now, I rely heavily on my closest friends who know about it to get me through the agony of heartbreak.

Is it worth it to put myself through this again and again? I'm ever the optimist and wear my heart on my sleeve. Perhaps that is why it hurts so much. Perhaps it goes back to never feeling like I am good enough to be No. 1 in anyone else's eyes.

It seemed to be easier when I was 19. It gets harder every time it happens, with every year that passes.

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Dating after divorce is definitely challenging. And I agree that as we age, it's harder to bounce back the way we used to. But I do believe that there is someone out there for you, Jessica Lawrence . You are a wonderful person and I hope you keep your heart open to love, because it could be just around the corner for you. Hugs!

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