Sometimes a Blessing Smells Like Bleach: How to Give the Gift of Yourself at Christmastime by Kristan Wager

Sometimes a Blessing Smells Like Bleach: How to Give the Gift of Yourself at Christmastime

Sometimes a blessing smells like bleach. What? Bleach? Yes, bleach. 

Today I had a talk with a friend about the blessing another friend gave her just by opening her home to her and her young son for dinner. Simple enough. But not really. His birth had triggered OCD and anxiety issues that had kept her pretty close to home the past couple of years. She is just breaking through some of this, so it was a big deal to just go to dinner. 

But the part that got me – and right at the heart level – was the awe in my friend's voice as she described how amazing it felt that our friend had bleached her main bathroom for her and had kept everyone else out of it. The acrid smell of bleach smelled like love to her. Bleach was a blessing that said, "I know you. You are safe here. I care about you." 

This Christmas, what unexpected gift of yourself can you give to someone? The message of Christmas is love. Close your eyes. Who really needs that gift of being known and loved by you? How can you tell them without words? 

God did it with a baby in a manger. My friend did it with bleach. What is your gift?

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Anna Kline
Not a fan of bleach so my thieves cleaner would be that smell that would smell like love. I'm blessed with an amazing husband who will cook and clean for me but the best gifts these days are things that take the load off of both of us. We rarely ask my mom to babysit because she tries to cook clean and take care of the kids in the short time she has and we don't want to overburden her but her OCD cleaning tendencies are such a breath of fresh air when we come home. 😁
Elisa Schmitz
This is so beautiful. Gifts from the heart are truly the best way to show your love during the holidays, and anytime. Thank you for this powerful post, Kristan Wager !
Julio Caro
Thanks For Sharing....

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