Best Friends Forever: The Power of Lifelong Friendships Is a Magical Thing by Jessica Acree

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4 months ago
Best Friends Forever: The Power of Lifelong Friendships Is a Magical Thing

There's something special about the friends you've known practically your entirely life. They just get you. They've seen you at your best. They've seen you at your worst. Yet there they are ... the first in line to listen to your fears, joys, complaints and triumphs without question.

Together, you've managed to survive the awkward middle school years, the insecurities of high school, the blossoming college phase and the pitfalls (and victories) of parenting. Now you're living in the "grownup" chapter of your lives and time isn't always on your side to stay connected, but you do. Why? Because they're worth it!

Despite being many miles apart, with partners to lean on, careers to develop, children to raise, mortgages to pay and date nights to covet, your very different lives still intentionally intersect.

When busy schedules allow your paths to cross, it's a beautiful thing. The distance melts away. The disconnect in your daily grind matters not. The ease of familiar conversation takes hold and you're blessed with the magical, timeless benefits of a true-blue friendship. One that serves to fill your heart with joy, the air with hearty laughter and your soul with gratitude.

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Donna John
Yes! I just relived the '80s with my childhood friend, Gina Jackson-Holliday , at the Erasure concert this weekend. Nothing like dear friends who know all your good and bad. Great pic, too, Jessica Acree ! Beautiful!
Jessica Acree
That makes me so happy! I bet it was a blast!! (And thank you!)
Gina Jackson-Holliday
Thanks bestie! So much fun. I love our flashback concerts!
Jessica Acree
It's such a special bond :)
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
YES! I hosted a girls' night recently and it was just what I needed. There's nothing like sharing stories and laughing with your girlfriends. Thank you for this, Jessica Acree !
Jessica Acree
Oh awesome! It really is so good for the soul <3 Wish it could happen more often, but I guess if it did... it might not feel as special :)

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