Border Blogging: How 30Seconds Helps Mom & Daughter Keep in Touch Across the Miles by Marge Jesberger

Border Blogging: How 30Seconds Helps Mom & Daughter Keep in Touch Across the Miles

30Seconds brings people from all over the world together and strengthens relationships – even mother and daughter.

I have never attempted a blog before. When my daughter told me about the 30Seconds tribe, I thought, "What the heck, I'll give it a try." I really liked the fact that posts are short, and being a 30Seconds contributor lets me express my thoughts and feelings. When I see one of my daughter's tips published, I know I've passed down my love of writing. We have learned a lot from 30Seconds tips and have watched the tribe grow.

“Introducing my mother to the 30Seconds tribe has been a great way to keep in touch across the miles," says my daughter, Tiffany Zook. "When my husband’s job transferred us from New York to Texas, we needed to find creative ways to bridge the miles. Now, whether on the northern border or southern border, seeing each other’s tips pop up is a true blessing. My mother has been a freelance writer since my early childhood. Now, mom writes about collecting, antiques, fun activities or even crafts we did as a child. During a recent visit to New England, I made my folks some of Donna Lynn John’s famous chicken and dumpling soup. (It was so delish, we even shared it with the neighbors.) We may be miles apart, but our tips keep us close at heart.”

Has 30Seconds helped you keep in touch with a loved one or strengthened a relationship? Share your story below!

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Donna John
You have made my day, Marge Jesberger and Tiffany Zook ! First, because of how you feel about 30Seconds. It really is an amazing place with awesome people. Second, I am so glad you like the chicken and dumplings. One of my favorite recipes. It's actually been a couple months since I've made it. I'll cook up a pot this week in your honor. :-)
Elisa Schmitz
OK, now I'm crying. You two are so beautiful, inside and out, Marge Jesberger and Tiffany Zook ! Thank you for this beautiful post. It touches me deeply that 30Seconds is part of your connection now, across the miles. I am so grateful that both of you are part of our amazing tribe. And you really rock those T-shirts! I have goosebumps of the very best kind. Thank you so much for sharing this. You are what 30Seconds is all about. Much love to both of you!! xoxo
Oh how I love this! ❤️
30Seconds has definitely strengthened my friendship with Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead!
Ann Marie Patitucci I love this, Marge Jesberger, and I love and adore the daughter you raised. What a special piece about the two of you and the power of writing and the power of the 30Seconds community. I am so honored to be a part of it.
Marjorie A. Carter
what is border blogging. am I missing something?
Marge Jesberger
I live near the eastern border, Tiffany used to live on the New York border, now she is on the Texas border, so that is what we meant. Thanks for following me.
Marjorie A. Carter
may I ask site you are using to do your blogging?

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