What Makes a Good Teacher? 3 Questions Parents Should Ask Their Child's Teacher! by Tales from Classroom

What Makes a Good Teacher? 3 Questions Parents Should Ask Their Child's Teacher!

As a team of former teachers and current educational researchers who go into classrooms regularly, we are given the privilege to study what makes a good teacher. A number of studies prove that a good teacher is the single most important element in a child's education. Why? Because that teacher creates the daily learning experiences for our kids, selecting what is taught, choosing how it is taught, while shaping the way our kids work with one another, how they collaborate, how they discuss, and much more. As such, many parents/friends often come to us and ask how they can know their child has a good teacher. I recommend you ask these questions:

  • What kinds of experiences will my child have? This is critical. You are looking to hear these buzz words: "student-centered," "meaning-making," "choice," "cooperative," "collaborating," "creating."
  • How do you go about individualizing instruction? You want to hear the terms: "varied instruction," "differentiation," or "build on what they know."
  • What would your students say about your class? You want to hear the words "challenging," "engaging," "meaningful," "relevant" and '"fun."

While you can ask more but these questions are a great start.

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Donna John
Love this! The keywords are so helpful! Thank you for sharing and welcome to the tribe! Can't wait to learn more from you. Tales from the Classroom Tales from Classroom
Tales from Classroom
We appreciate the kind words and great feedback. We'll do our best to give you content that is most relevant for parents of school-age kiddos!
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Wonderful first post, thank you! Welcome to our #30Seconds tribe, Tales from Classroom ! Tales from the Classroom
Mike Prochaska
Love this! This so true! Can’t wait to read the rest of your tips
Mike Prochaska
Happy to see you here! #playmatters
Bri Montoya
This is so helpful! I really appreciate the keywords - that really helps with knowing what to look for.
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Thank you for sharing these really important tips. I think it is very useful for many parents. Now I work at home as a freelancer. But soon I will be working in the office, and so my child will go to kindergarten. For me it is very important that the teacher of my child was a smart, experienced, positive and kind person. After all, only such a person will be able to interest the child in learning and make him prepared for school. I think that these questions can be added a few more, for example: "how much time children will have fun, and how much time they will learn?", or a question- " what will you do if my child starts to cry?". I hope you will continue to share this wonderful type of content.

Andy C,
Writer from: papercheap.co.uk/
Tales from Classroom
Thank you for your kind words and thoughtful reply Andy. Those are some great suggestions for questions to consider.

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