Writers & Editors: Think Editors Don't Need an Editor When They Write? Think Again! by Nancy Dafoe

5 years ago
Writers & Editors: Think Editors Don't Need an Editor When They Write? Think Again!

If you’re writing, blogging and/or editing for clients every day, it is natural to assume you don’t need an editor for your own work. The catch? You do. When the work is your own, you have gone over it in your head so many times, making the same assumptions, that you often fail to notice awkward constructions, those missing connections, or fail to consider structural elements from a better vantage point. 

I love editing, but when the work is really important, I turn to another editor. It is not at all surprising to discover another way of looking at my product opens up new possibilities, as well as finding solutions for problem areas in the writing. 

There are lots of ways for writers and bloggers to make this economically feasible. Exchange projects, and edit each other’s work for free. Maybe there is another type of trade that may be arranged, as well, but when you don’t have something to offer in equal measure, pay that editor even when she is a friend. Nothing strains a friendship faster than the feeling of being taken advantage of. Let’s say, one project is slightly more difficult, involving more time. Then pay for the difference. It is worth it when you see the results and return to work together again.

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Ann Marie Patitucci
Yes, yes, yes! I am blessed to have a handful of friends to turn to for editing help, especially when the project is especially important and/or if I'm been living with it for a while and know that I've lost all objectivity. Thanks for this, Nancy Dafoe !
Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
Such a great reminder for us in the media/publishing industry! Thank you, Nancy Dafoe !

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