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#30Seconds In-Depth: A Conversation With Social Media Correspondent Tommy Geraci! by Donna John

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#30Seconds In-Depth: A Conversation With Social Media Correspondent Tommy Geraci!

Do you have something you love to do and wish you could turn it into a job? This week were thrilled to welcome our #30Seconds Twitter chat guest, Tommy Geraci, who took his love for TV, sharing his knowledge and being social into full-time and fulfilling work. Geraci believes that social media and entertainment go hand in hand, and showed us how he has used social media to voice his support and love for his favorite projects. He is a big believer in making entertainment social by keeping the conversation ongoing. So, let’s all get social and chat with Tommy Geraci! 

Q: Tell us how you got started with social TV and being an entertainment influencer?

I was always interested in entertainment and sharing projects In school I was the one talking about last night's TV. Even before social media, I was an advocate/influencer on music, TV, movies and celebrities. I was definitely a source. When I joined Twitter, it just came naturally for me to start sharing what I was watching, my reactions and my thoughts. Loving TVLand shows also came very naturally, so I stared live tweeting their shows, "Hot In Cleveland" and "Happily Divorced." From live tweeting, I developed a truly amazing relationship with TVLand and their social depart. They all became great friends.

Q: How did you get involved with "Eastsiders" and how did social media help you with that?

As always, I just truly loved "Eastsiders" from season one and started sharing my enthusiasm via social. Expressing my love for "Eastsiders" led me to meeting and learning about the writers and producers Kit Williamson and John HalbachKnowing more about Kit and John let me see how much heart is in "Eastsiders" so I just had to be involved. When I saw them working on season three read about an associate producer opportunity, I jumped on it! It was a no-brainer.

Q: Did the music projects come to you the same way the TV projects did?

Jason Dottley and I were fast friends on social and he is one of my best friends now. I believe in his drive and talent, so I'm proud! When it comes to Jason, I've learned that his projects are gold and I've kinda become a lucky addition to any of them. With all projects, I say that you should always choose the ones that speak to you and you are proud of. It's more authentic. Also, have fun with anything you choose to do in life. There's nothing worse than hating what you do. I know that too well.

Q: How did you become involved with 411 Voices and how is it being the original man to join?

I met some of the founders and members of 411 Voices when I was doing work with The Insider and Vanity Fair. Louise Masin SattlerMargaret McSweeney and Jennifer Ettinger and I became fast friends. From there, we pretty much naturally started to team up. 411 Voices is such a cool group because each of us have our specialties and each of us are more than willing to support the others. If you're looking for strategists, correspondents and amplifiers for events and products, 411 Voices is definitely the way to go.

Q: You are also producing a Facebook live show called Behind The Smile Live with Ronnie Kroell. How did that come about?

Ronnie Kroell is a dear friend with a HUGE heart and lots of talent. We got together for lunch and conversation and Behind the Smile with Ronnie Kroell was born. Ronnie and I were discussing the shift in social media and our own social feeds. We were feeling the negativity and despair. Ronnie was looking for a way to inspire people and we both felt it was time to tackle the live broadcasting trend. Both Ronnie and I prefer to share uplifting things so we figured out a way to do that weekly on Facebook and see where it went. I am so happy with how Behind The Smile is going and growing. It is really wonderful to see all the positive feedback and love each week. Each week, Ronnie has a guest with an inspirational quote. They have a live chat and then offer a challenge to the audience. Challenges relate to the quotes and give the viewers a chance to do something in the coming week that will have a positive impact.

Q: What's coming up next for you?

The next thing for me will be heading to TVLand for the premiere of "Teachers," Tuesday, November 7 at 10 p.m. Hoping to get involved with more projects like "Eastsiders" and do more work with the series. I adore Kit Williamson and John Halbach. I'd also love to work more with Jason Dottley because I think we make a pretty good team and I do like working with music. You can also tune in every week to see Behind the Smile at 3 p.m. PT/6 p.m. ET on Ronnie Kroell's Facebook page. We are so proud of it!I can’t wait to do more red carpet events and work with more brands and for many more original series from TVLand. I'm looking forward to bringing you more interviews and articles at Always fun to introduce new people.

Q: You also write for Do you contribute to any other outlets?

I actually just started contributing to Adventure Girl's site. Adding some entertainment related travel stuff. Should be fun.I'll soon be featured in a new magazine/website called Where Gentlemen Go – travel/luxury/lifestyle for men. So exciting! Where Gentlemen Go is a project where I'd get to work with Kit Williamson, John Halbach and more. That makes it amazing already. You can find me most evenings tweeting along with my favorite TV shows as well, especially "Will and Grace" these days! Tweet me! 

Q: With all the glitz and glamour you're exposed to in Hollywood and on the social media influencer scene, how do you "use your powers for good?”

We call that the social good aspect of social media and entertainment. Organizations like  NOH8 Campaign drew me in to social.I'm always looking for ways to help and to combine the world of social good with entertainment. It amplifies our voices and messages. I love working with Friend Movement as well. Ronnie Kroell and Edward Lobo use that as an advocacy group plus to help the community. The most important thing is to be a voice for the voiceless and in the current climate, EVERY voice counts. Look for ways to help. Also, research organizations to find the ones that align with you and resonate with you. Make sure they are authentic and true. Social media is at its best when you can touch someone else's life and give them hope or a light to look to and support.

Be sure to follow @teeco71, like Tommy Geraci on Facebook, visit and check out his 30Seconds page!

Alex Bryant
I am super stoked for this #30Seconds chat with our community and Tommy. There is so much wisdom we can get from this talented individual.
Elisa Schmitz
Me too, Alex Bryant ! I can't wait to chat with Tommy FRIEND Geraci ! :-)
Tommy FRIEND Geraci
Thank you! I hope to inspire a little & spark some ongoing conversation!
Nicole DeAvilla
Hey Tommy FRIEND Geraci ! I am looking forward to an awesome chat with you! :)
Nicole DeAvilla
FRIENDS OF RICKI: Let's have a reunion at this chat! Many of us here at #30Seconds met each other as we worked our social media magic to help out with the Ricki Lake Show. Tommy FRIEND Geraci was among the original Twitterati that began when Ricki Lake - the first to do so - sought out and engaged social media influencers. DID YOU KNOW that our wonderful leader here at 30Seconds , Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds was one of the Founding Friends of Ricki? Let's do this! Heather Frey Meredith Schneider Alex Bryant Stephen Dimmick Samantha Kemp-Jackson Marie Roker-Jones Margaret McSweeney -- Did I leave someone out - please add your name!
Margie Analise
What a great idea! I was so sad I never got to go to the first taping to meet everyone in person.
Nicole DeAvilla
Even not meeting in person we all made such great connections. Glad that you can join us Margie Analise . Please click the RSVP button in the top right hand corner. :)
Elisa Schmitz
Hope you can join us tomorrow night to chat with the amazing Tommy FRIEND Geraci ! Please RSVP so we know you will be in on this fun convo about social influencers and turning your passion into a job! Donna John Nicole DeAvilla Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead Kim Kusiciel Chef Gigi Gaggero Pam McCormick Kristy Dominiak Brandi Donahue Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP Dr. Shayna Mancuso Heather Frey Heather Bragg Amanda Ashlee Benest Beth Aldrich, CHC, AADP, CNT Cheryl Leahy Amber DePaolo Amber Chandler Amber Cheras ✈️It's Just Me✈️ Correy Kustin Sharon Toni B Meredith Schneider Mercedes Samudio Raquel Masco Kimberly @flipflop_mommy Cheyenne&HuntersMama MrsTaylor2U Jan Mostrom CosmoFrank Jennifer Young lorri langmaid Lorri Langmaid Lori Leal Stacy Draeger-Brogan Stacey Freeland Jeannine Jeannie Greener Tiffany C Tiffany Anne Andrea Hinckley melinda Melinda Sutton Holly Budde Holly Love Sheryl Gould sherry bracy Sherry Stone SillySheep Eirene Heidelberger Sandy VanBuskirk Hustle N Glow Alex Bryant Margaret Steck Margaret McSweeney Kathy Shimmield Beth Engelman Kelli Schulte joell51868 Ann Poyer jennah jackson Rachel Markwood Rachel W. Lewter Charong Chow vidya P Tina Haupert Wendy Rafferty Cheryl Lagars alexisgillespie Dawn Lantero Ayana Rose Alison Groen Samantha Kemp-Jackson Joani Plenty Marie Roker-Jones Casey Mclendon Cassie Carver Casandra LaMonaca Casey Deja Rachell Montgomery 2 Minute Yoga Candace Reid Mitchell Barney Candy Stephens ☀️Stephanie☀️ TONIA L.CLARK Kat McQuaid Kim Kleeman 4WEALTHFG Maria Koshechkina Marianne Clyde Lydia Wendy Willms Ross
Kat McQuaid
Added to my calendar! Thanks!
Meredith Schneider
Super excited for tomorrow night! 😊 we are gonna have so much fun! Can’t wait to hear what Tommy FRIEND Geraci has to share! 🎉
Softball got canceled for tonight! Looking forward to the chat!
Alex Bryant
Excited for this #30Seconds chat discussion.

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