Are You Amphibious? Here’s What It Is & Why All Moms Need to Be! by Gail Harris

a year ago
Are You Amphibious? Here’s What It Is & Why All Moms Need to Be!

In the animal world, being amphibious means thriving in both land and water. In a mom’s world, which is in many ways unseen, being amphibious means ensuring that both our child thrives in his world AND we thrive in ours. Sure, at times we must put our own needs aside for our child’s. But, mom, beware! Even now, women subtly get the message that their needs aren’t important. 

We must be vigilant about not losing ourselves through parenting. We are entitled. We are powerful. We deserve. The more we act on this knowing the healthier both we – and our child – will be. So be amphibious. It’s not just a word, it’s a movement. Take these powerful steps every day, and pass them on.

  • Know what YOU need.
  • Put your own needs aside – temporarily.
  • Repeat: “I am powerful. I am amphibious.”

How are you amphibious, mom?

Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Wow, what a powerful concept, Gail Harris ! Never thought about it this way. But yes, we need to be able to be good parents without losing ourselves. My work helps me with that!
Gail Harris
Thanks. My work helps me in this way too. Carry on mama.

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