Container Gardening: Don't Waste Money on All That Soil! Try This Hack Instead by Jan Mostrom

a year ago

I love spring and summer and the beautiful flowers that are everywhere. I especially love having lots of containers in and around my home. Some of my containers are very larger, so I got this tip from my good friend, Chris, to lessen the amount of potting soil I need to use.

When you have a large pot, use a "filler" in the bottom half to take up space. I like to use empty plastic water bottles or packing pellets tied up in a plastic bag. Put them in the bottom of the container, and then pour your soil over it and you'll use 33 to 50 percent less! In the fall I just scoop out most of the soil and leave the packing material inside the containers to reuse next year. I've never had to replace the filler in over 10 years and it doesn't harm the roots or the flowers.

Happy planting!

Donna John
I wish I had read this tip a couple weeks ago, Jan Mostrom ! I had to buy an insane amount of potting soil - and still need more. Definitely going to do this going forward. Great tip!
Jan Mostrom
Thanks Donna John ! Sorry we mhave asked this year but you'll be ready for the next one!
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Such a great money saver! Thanks for the great video, Jan Mostrom ! ❤️
Meredith Schneider
What an awesome tip! I was just eyeing up huge planters and thought that would take a ton of soil. Ahhhh not anymore! ;) Thanks Jan Mostrom !
Jan Mostrom
Go get the big one Meredith Schneider! And have fun with it!!!
Chef Gigi Gaggero
Best tip EVER! Thank you Jan Mostrom now my family can eat tonight lol -- srsly, soil is so expensive! I just LOVE this!
Jan Mostrom
HaHa your family eats well every night with you in the kitchen Chef Gigi Gaggero! You're the best!

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