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How to Have More Peace & Energy This Summer With Yoga Therapist Nicole DeAvilla! by Elisa Schmitz

6 years ago
How to Have More Peace & Energy This Summer With Yoga Therapist Nicole DeAvilla!

Summer brings fun and play, as well as its own challenges. This week we were thrilled to welcome our very own Nicole DeAvilla, 30Seconds contributor and Social Media Outreach Coordinator, yoga lifestyle expert and yoga therapist. Nicole helped us navigate fluctuating summer schedules, travel and hanging out with the kids so that we can still find our inner Zen, increase our energy and be able to better enjoy whatever life brings us this summer. Read on for her tips!

Q: We know that consistent schedules make everyone’s life easier. What can you do with crazy changing summer schedules?

First of all take a deep breath! Breathing into everything you do will make it easier. Way easier! Kids do better with routines. If you keep their routines in place, the changing schedules will be a breeze. You need to keep your routines consistent, too. However, to keep your sanity, plan ahead! Write down everyone’s schedules. Think when you can carpool, when can you combine errands and when should you take a breather!

Q: Can you give some examples of routines?

The great yoga master Paramhansa Yogananda said, “Routinize your life.” He was very busy yet had routines. Morning routine for kids might be get up, get dressed have breakfast. Morning routine for you might be drink warm water with lemon oil, yoga, breathing, meditate, gratitude journal then get kids up. Evening routine for kids might be put on PJs, brush teeth, story time or self-reading depending on their age. Evening routine for you might be get kids to bed, brush teeth, practice breathing and meditation, read something inspiring before bed. These routines anchor you and your kids. They prioritize self-care. They inspire. If your summer schedule has you up early or out late, these routines can still be done.

Q: What about when traveling? It can be extra hard to keep routines.

The more solid your routines and other good lifestyle habits are before you leave, the better they will serve you when you travel. If you are jet lagged, avoid taking a nap – young kids may need a short cat nap. Adjust your routine to your new time zone. Exercise anywhere, anytime – it’s the 2 Minute Yoga way! Get you kids moving, too.

This photo of me in the London tube was a hit on Instagram. When kids get restless in the car, have them do arm or foot exercises and tense and release exercises. Here are sample foot exercises! You and the kids can do breathing exercises, too – blow out candles and full yogic deep breath breathing. (Learn more here.) Breath mastery is Zen mastery.

Q: How do you handle no schedule when kids can get bored?

The joy of no schedules! Enjoy it while you can. Resist finding filler activities to be busy. Resist allowing a lot of screen time. Have age-appropriate rules and stick to them. Kids need to move their bodies and have quiet time to think. Kids don’t often have the luxury to simply be and think. Model for your kids. Spend time reading a book, relaxing in the garden. You might have a watchful eye on them and that’s OK. Allow kids to learn to be creative. If they want more screen time, firmly say no and ask them to make up a game. 

Being bored is good. Let me repeat: Being bored is good. After declaring boredom, my kids then went on to a creative activity. Have toys like LEGOs or pots and pans for smaller kids. Art supplies are good for all ages. Encourage being outdoors. You also need to be creative! Do yoga or other exercise while watching your kids play. It’s not the same as a class or private practice, but you still can get good results! Don’t be all or nothing! If kids are bickering, you can tell them to play by themselves in their own rooms or go chill and read a book.

Q: How do you learn and make these tips a habit?

Taking classes with others or having a coach is a good way to get started. Start small. Add one or two habits to a routine at a time. Find a community like we have here at #30Seconds to have support. I know it is not easy so I have developed a program for busy moms and dads like you, Healthy You Yoga.

Q: Can you tell us more about your program?

It’s a super simple, super supportive group program online and with live calls. Anyone can do it. It’s all about the routines and how to painlessly get them started for you and your kids. Healthy You Healthy Yoga helps you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually with simple yoga hacks. Healthy You Healthy Yoga will debut next month – I have a special, special deal for our tribe tonight! I will give our #30Seconds tribe a special Get to Know You Jump Start Call to get you going. It is a rock-bottom price to thank all of you for supporting me and helping me to launch it later in June. For details click here for the Healthy You Healthy Yoga special available just this week for the #30Seconds tribe. It would be an honor for me to support all of you this summer and beyond to feel more energy, focus and calm. (Learn more here.)

Q: What is the one best way to have more energy, focus and peace of mind?

Do your routines. Eat, sleep, exercise, practice meditation, be in community. Do your routine. It is easier said than done. That’s why communities like this are so important. That’s why I developed Healthy You Yoga.

Be sure to follow @NicoleDeAvilla, visit The2MinuteYogaSolution.comlike her on Facebook and check out her 30Seconds page!

Nicole DeAvilla
I am looking forward to sharing - I have something special that I will be announcing for the tribe too! XO
Elisa Schmitz
Woohoo, can't wait! I love (hate) surprises, LOL! xoxo
Meredith Schneider
Oh Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds & Nicole DeAvilla I can't wait to hear how I can keep my inner zen with 4 kids home over the summer! See ya all later! xo ;) <3
Nicole DeAvilla
XOXO - anything for you my dear! Muah!
Pam McCormick
Looking forward to this evening! See you all there!
Nicole DeAvilla
So glad you can make it Pam!
Kim Kusiciel
Love this! Can't wait to hear more. I need a zen summer!!
Toni B
Yeah! Sounds like a great chat, Nicole DeAvilla !
Nicole DeAvilla
Hey Andrea Trank - we just finished it on Twitter. Donna John just transcribed it and it is now the blog post above. When you first read it, it was the invite to the chat. Now it is the transcript with live screen shots from the chat. XO
Donna John
What a great chat, Nicole DeAvilla !! I sat outside with a glass of wine and learned a lot in the process. Perfect evening - 30Seconds, wine and a beautiful night.
Nicole DeAvilla
Love it! And thanks SO MUCH for your help tonight. XO
Michelle Leopold
Great tips - thank you for sharing 30Seconds and Nicole DeAvilla <3
Julio Caro
Great tips - thank you for sharing

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