Shame-Proof Parenting: 6 Easy Ways to Become a Shame-Proof Parent! by Mercedes Samudio

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6 years ago

Shame-Proof Parenting: 6 Easy Ways to Become a Shame-Proof Parent!

Shame-proof parenting focuses on helping parents connect to themselves and their families to keep external forces from breaking the family. Here are six ways that you can bring shame-proof parenting into your parenting journey! 

  • Empathy for yourself and others makes a space for problem solving behavioral issues. 
  • Awareness gives you an alert that something is amiss so you can tackle it together as a family. 
  • Knowing needs allows for resolving conflict based on getting needs met. 
  • Confidence in what you're good at lets you stand firm when things go awry so your family is not easily shaken. 
  • Resilience let's the family bounce back together and expand their problem-solving skills. 
  • Support allows you to get help to manage life's up and downs together.

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In this book you will learn how to communicate with your child in a way you both feel understood; manage behaviors so that both of you feel respected; create your Unique Parenting Manual so that you and your child can grow together, rather than apart; and finally feel confident in your ability to raise a whole, healthy child.

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Elisa Schmitz
Awesome tip, Mercedes Samudio ! Congratulations on the launch of your book, too. So excited for you (and for all the parents it will help)!!
Ann Marie Patitucci
Great advice, Mercedes Samudio ! Congrats on the publication of your book!

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