It's Not Bad For Our Kids to Be Bored – It's Necessary! Here's Why! by Erica Hornthal

7 years ago

It's Not Bad For Our Kids to Be Bored – It's Necessary! Here's Why!

Parents often feel the need to schedule every moment of the day for their children. Not only do parents need downtime, but so do kids! Here are three reasons why boredom is a good thing.

  • Boredom allows for exploration of their world. Tuning into their environment can teach children empathy, safe boundaries, connection and increase emotional intelligence.
  • Boredom awakens passions and interests. Allowing our children to find what excites them, leads to satisfaction and increased self-esteem, not to mention autonomy.
  • Boredom increases creativity. Creativity uses the imagination, which engages large motor skills and enhances development. Creativity allows our children to become inventors and problem solvers.

What will your child do when he's bored?

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Donna John
Such great points, Erica Hornthal! Good reminder that kids need downtime.
Elisa Schmitz
Amen, Erica Hornthal! Kids need to figure it out for themselves sometimes, and we parents need to get out of the way! Thanks for the great tip!
Christine Jones
This is so true Erica Hornthal ! It's amazing how creative my kids become when they tell me they're bored and I tell them to bugger off:)
Ann Marie Patitucci
I couldn't agree more, Erica Hornthal ! Thanks for this excellent tip!

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