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How to Cultivate Creativity in Your Life With Life Coach Kandice Cole! by Renee

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How to Cultivate Creativity in Your Life With Life Coach Kandice Cole!

Do you feel like you have more to accomplish with your gifts and talents but not sure how to move forward? Do you want to be more creative but question how you can include a creative outlet in your busy life? Kandice Cole, founder and CEO of K. Cole Coaching and Consulting, is a teacher turned entrepreneur, speaker and writer. Kandice helps individuals and organizations take creative action toward their most exciting and ambitious goals. Kandice shared tips on how to find the time in your busy schedule to cultivate your creativity and reach your goals!

Q. Why is creativity important in our everyday lives?

Creativity helps us to see things in new ways. It allows us to make connections between seemingly unknown things. Creativity can lead to increased productivity in our lives. Creativity can also help us solve our problems in new ways and more quickly, too. Research shows that creative thinking is good for our brains! It is an exercise that keeps our brains in tip-top shape. Creativity is becoming an increasingly valued skill in society, especially in various jobs. Research predicts that creativity will be one of the top three skills to employers.

Q: I am not the artsy type. Can I still be creative?

Absolutely! Creativity is not just reserved for those who we typically think are artists. The definition of creativity is simple. It’s the ability to use your imagination. You are always creating. Whether it’s making a meal, brainstorming ideas at work or creating a schedule for the family. You can apply creative thinking to any situation in your life. We often do this and don’t even realize it!

Q: How can I learn to be more creative?

Accept that you are a creative person. You have creative capacity that can be used in your everyday life. Read books and blogs about creativity. I highly suggest “ The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. I have read it three times and get something different from it every time. Get started on a project that you really want to do. Allow yourself to try something new. The key is not to edit yourself or worry about being perfect. Simply ask yourself: How can I see this situation in a new way?

Q. I’m busy! How do I make time to be creative?

Do some creative self-care. This is when you mix self-care and a creative activity. It helps you relax and gives your brain a creative boost. Some of my favorite creative self-care routines: coloring, listening to new music and walking outside without my phone. It’s that simple. When you are running errands, take a different route. Changing up our routines helps us to stay curious about the world. It’s all about small steps. Find five minutes each day to cultivate your creativity. Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect!

Q: Can I help my kids be more creative, too?

Absolutely! Creativity will be increasingly important in our kid’s lives. We have to prepare them now so they can be successful later. Use routines to increase creative thinking. Allow your kids to plan dinner. Ask them to find three new ways to use a household item. After watching a TV show, ask your child if they can think of another way the show could have ended. Pick three random items and put them in a bag. Ask your child to examine the items and create a new invention using the items. You can do this, too.

Q: When can I practice being creative?

You can practice being creative at any time. It might simply be asking questions or visualizing a new way to do something.When you are at a store, ask yourself, “What could be done to make my shopping experience better?” This gets your brain thinking about new solutions.Get out and play! Play helps us to get our creative juices flowing. Go the park, play with some LEGOs, go trampolining. Let your inner child play! You can practice being creative even if you only have 60 seconds. Sometimes I will write a short poem in 30 seconds. Or dance around the house for a few minutes. Sign up for a class that you have really wanted to do. Learn something new and let it be an adventure.

Q: How can people learn more about you and your services?

You can follow me on Twitter and, of course, you can follow me at! You can also find more info on my website, and on my Facebook page. Join the five-day Unleash Your Creativity Challenge and get fun, creative exercises sent to your inbox.

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Elisa Schmitz
YES! So excited about this chat with you, Kandice Cole ! Great topic and great expert! :-)
Kandice Cole
I am so excited, too!!!! Yay!
Meredith Schneider
Oh so could use these kind of tips Kandice Cole! Looking forward to all you have to share with us.
Donna John
Can't wait for this chat!!
Pam McCormick
Sounds fun! I’ll be there!
Holly Budde
I honestly can’t wait for this chat tonight ! Business creativity is exciting to me. See you all at 8 ;)
Meredith Schneider
So awesome! My head is filled with so many incredible ideas. Kandice Cole, thank you for sharing so many creative tips with us tonight.

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