After the Inauguration: Join the Movement to Create a Positive Ripple With Random Acts of Kindness! by Kelli Porcaro

5 years ago
After the Inauguration: Join the Movement to Create a Positive Ripple With Random Acts of Kindness!

No doubt this year's election created much division in our country. But one organization, One20, is working hard to combat that and make our world a better place. Their strategy? Random acts of kindness on Inauguration Day. If you would like to come together and be part of the movement to create a positive ripple, consider how you and your family can display kindness to others in your community, schools, place of work or even around the world!

  • Keep it simple.
  • Talk about what feelings are stirred up when displaying kindness to others.
  • Share photos, stories, moments on social media (hashtag #One20).
  • Consider how your actions can continue past 1/20.

Let's create this positive ripple together! You can read more about One20 here.

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Donna John
LOVE this, Kelli Schulte! Thank you for letting the tribe know about it. Be sure to add #30Seconds hashtag, too! :-)
Kelli Porcaro
Thanks Donna John! I was so inspired by what they are doing and immediately thought about how #30Seconds could contribute to this positive movement!
Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
Thank you for this positive idea on a day when many are divided. You always bring the light, Kelli Schulte!

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