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Showing Kindness: Random Acts of Kindness Tips & Ideas With Jan Mostrom by Donna John

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8 years ago
Showing Kindness: Random Acts of Kindness Tips & Ideas With Jan Mostrom

How often do you do a random act of kindness? One of the kindest people we know, our very own Jan Mostrom, mom of two and foster mom to many, was on hand recently to talk about what random acts of kindness are, why to do them and to share some of her favorite ideas for making someone's day! We kindly ask you to read on so you can help spread the joy!

Q: How do you feel about National Random Acts of Kindness Day?
Great to remind people, but actually everyday is a great day for kindness! Use it as a prompt to do even more nice things for those around you!

Q: What are some favorite random acts of kindness you have done?
In college, I started paying tolls for the car behind me and raced away so they couldn’t see me. I helped an older woman over snow to get to her bus stop. Saw her struggling and pulled over. She’s now a friend!

Q: How can we engage our kids in kindness?
Always show by the example of your life more than your words. Your kids are watching you! Start by helping them notice small things: people, animals, even picking up garbage. I love trying to do the act without anyone finding out – get your kids to do same!

Q: How can you create a “culture of kindness” in your life?
Raise kids to be kind, right from the start. If they grow up with that attitude, it’s normal! Creating a culture of kindness begins with how you treat each other – spouse, extended family. It extends to how you treat others: those in need, homeless, charities, etc. Get involved in giving back, whether at school, charities, your church, etc.

Q: What are some ways you give back outside of home?
I’m very involved in foster parenting and giving kids in need the help and hope they deserve. I’m very involved in my church and all its projects (seed packing for Africa, etc.). My kids are involved in all of these activities, so they grew up in this culture.

Q: What about when on vacation? Any opportunities there?
There are volunteer vacations you can take to places that could use your help! Look for volunteer opportunities locally and globally. You can make a difference!

Q: The “pay it forward” mentality has really taken hold, especially in Starbucks lines! Thoughts?
I love that people want to pay it forward for others. It really can make someone’s day! Don’t limit yourself to the Starbucks line. Chances are, those folks don’t need your help as much as others!

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