Diffuse Your Way to Health & Wellness With Essential Oils by Rocky Mountain Oils! by Jan Mostrom

5 years ago

I am always looking for easy ways to treat myself to better health and wellness. With Rocky Mountain Oils, it's so easy to use their essential oils just for that purpose. I especially love using the Purify blend in their diffuser. Using the diffuser is an easy way to spread a beautiful and calming scent throughout the room, and get the added benefit of the oil's absorption into your skin. Every time I use their oils, I just feel better and I know my house smells amazing!

It's easy to use the diffuser to clear the air in your home and evoke that sense of health and well-being. Just add a few drops of essential oil and follow the instructions for how to use them in the diffuser. Every oil that's suitable for diffusing is marked with a special icon on the site, and on the bottle, to make it easy to identify which ones work in the diffuser. 

Check out the Purify blend and all their high-quality oils here

Purify Essential Oil Blend
Purify Essential Oil Blend $15.96
Has a sharp, clean aroma that can help clean and freshen the air.
Cascade Diffuser
Cascade Diffuser $47.96
The must-have diffuser for anyone who loves essential oils.
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
I have been using the Cascade diffuser by Rocky Mountain Oils with a variety of essential oils and absolutely love it! It makes such a difference in my home, and the way I feel. Thanks for sharing this great video, Jan Mostrom!
Kelli Porcaro
Thanks for this post! I've been looking for a diffuser....I will for sure check this one out!

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