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#30SecondMom Chat: We're Talking About What's on Your Mind! by Christine Jones

7 years ago
#30SecondMom Chat: We're Talking About What's on Your Mind!

Tonight during our #30SecondMom chat, we want to talk about what's on your mind!! Let us know what's going on with you. Are you struggling with the craziness of September? Are your kids having a tough time adjusting to being back at school? Do you need advice on fall fashion? Need new dinner recipes? Are you struggling with finding balance in your life? Pour yourself a glass of wine, sit back and join us for lively conversation and friendship. The 30Second Mom community is here to tackle the topics that are top of mind for you!

Join us tonight, Wednesday, September 21 at 8 p.m. CST! RSVP by clicking the button on the top right for your chance to win a #30SecondMom wine glass, and to be part of the best moms' night in on Twitter!

Toni B
A wine glass? How appropriate! :)
Meredith Schneider
Oh my goodness how fun!! What isn't on my mind is the question! LOL! Can't wait! C-ya beautiful #30SecondMom 's later! Off to volleyball practice with 1 out of our 4 silly kids. xo ;) <3 then time for some wine! :)
I'll try to be there ladies! Always have so much fun with you gals!
RSVP MomOfTwins
lorri langmaid
RSVP lorri langmaid Can't wait to chat with my girls!!!
I sure could use a glass of wine PRE party time :)
Correy Kustin
L'chaim! @CORREYHOPE! drinking up!! next we need coffee mugs

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