Our Favorite Crafts & Activities You Can Do With Kids in Just 30 Seconds - Seriously! by Elisa Schmitz

7 years ago

Our Favorite Crafts & Activities You Can Do With Kids in Just 30 Seconds - Seriously!

Parents always need fresh ideas for ways to spend quality time with their kids – especially activities that don't take a lot of time or money to do. Here are our favorite fast, fun and affordable activities I shared on Windy City Live!

  • Mosquito Repellent Bubble Machine (get the bubble solution recipe here!): Everyone loves bubbles! Keep them flying with a bubble machine, which not only keeps kids entertained, but also helps keep mosquitoes away (for real)!
  • Squirt Chalk (learn how to make it here!): Kick sidewalk chalk up a notch by making your own DIY squirt chalk. Our craft recipe creates a splatter paint effect kids can use to get creative indoors on poster board or outdoors on sidewalks!
  • Pool Noodle Sail Boats (learn how to make them here!): Set sail with your kids by making fun boats out of pool noodles. This craft results in a toy you can use at the beach, pool or even in the bathtub!

If all else fails, Pearachute and Class Crasher are mom-created websites that can help you find activities around the Chicago area!

Watch the full Windy City Live segment to see how host Val Warner and I made all of the crafts here!

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Elisa Schmitz
This was such a fun segment to do - Val Warner is an absolute blast (and a great mom)!

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