Nurture Your Creativity: 5 Simple Ways to Stay Curious About the World Mindfulness

Kandice Cole
5 years ago

"Creativity grows out of two things: curiosity and imagination." – Benny Goodman

As adults, it's important for us to stay curious about the world. Not only does curiosity fuel our creativity, but it also brings us some joy, too. This isn't always an easy thing for busy moms to do. Here are five simple ways to stay curious in everyday life: 

  • Walk more slowly. You might notice something you had never seen before in a store parking lot or your front yard.
  • Go to the park. Explore nature or even hop on the swings.
  • Drive around. Get in the car and drive around for a few minutes with no particular destination in mind.
  • Read a book. Get lost in a good book and let your imagination roam free.
  • Watch a documentary. Explore the documentary section of your streaming/cable service and dive into a new topic! 

Stay curious about the world and let your inner child have some fun!  How will you be curious today?

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Elisa Schmitz
You are so right, Kandice Cole ! I read my first fiction book in a long time, last week. It felt good to escape into another world and leave mine behind for a while. And yes, it did fire my imagination and creativity. We need to give ourselves permission to do these things that free our minds, more often! xo
Kandice Cole
Thanks for reading Elisa! I am so glad you were able to take that time to read! Nothing like a reading a good book to recharge!
Laura Allen-Davis
I love this!... seeing the world with new eyes....I do these things quite often, didnt realize it was my curiosity that was driving me. This past weekend I went to Jurassic Quest, the best Dinosaur Exhibit Ever! I learned so much. Sometimes I get into the car, and drive to a completely different area of town, just to check it out. Planet Earth, The Travel Channel, History, Discovery and Natgeo are my fave documentary channels. Im currently watching how the whale possibly evolved from a land animal 46 million years ago! Based off fossils that have been found! Never get tired of this stuff!
Kandice Cole
Love your passion and curiousity!
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