Are You a Soccer Mom? 5 Ways to Burn Calories on the Sidelines! by Dana Pieper

7 years ago

Are You a Soccer Mom? 5 Ways to Burn Calories on the Sidelines!

It's the season of watching kids' soccer, football and many other spectator sports. As you drag your chair to the sidelines, think about using it for more than just sitting. Use the chair to work with you instead of against you. Here are five ways a chair can increase your calorie burn along with your child's!

  • Stand up and then sit for 30-second increments.
  • Put your hands on the arm rests and lift yourself off the seat for 30 seconds at a time.
  • Stand behind your chair and do lateral leg lifts.
  • Put your feet on the seat, hands on the ground and do push-ups.
  • Extend yours legs in and out, crunching your abs.

Keep moving!

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