Signs of Liver Damage: 4 Surprising Signs & Symptoms That Your Liver May Be in Trouble by Dr. Vikki Petersen

Signs of Liver Damage: 4 Surprising Signs & Symptoms That Your Liver May Be in Trouble

We tend to think of our liver as our detoxification organ, which it is, but your liver literally provides 1,000 functions for you. The liver is a “tough” organ. It is the only one in your body that will literally regrow if you remove a piece of it. Mother Nature clearly gave it a great deal of value to provide it with that function. A healthy liver is critical for good health.

Here are four signs that your liver might be in trouble:

  1. Fluid Retention: Whether it’s puffiness under your eyes, ankle or finger swelling, retaining fluid is an indicator of liver malfunction. Your body is smart; when toxins are building up it literally holds on to more water to help dilute the toxins. Unfortunately, conventional medicine tends to prescribe diuretics, which can be very dangerous and forces your body to expel the fluid and thereby concentrate the toxins.
  2. Skin Conditions Such As Eczema or Acne: Your body tries to rid itself of toxins in any way it can and one organ it uses is your skin, your largest organ. Toxins that your liver is trying to eliminate will be delivered to the skin. The result is unhealthy skin conditions including rasheseczemaacne or hives.
  3. Chemical Sensitivity or Alcohol Intoxication: Patients state that they “suddenly” cannot tolerate any alcohol without feeling horrible, or that they seem more sensitive to chemicals in their environment. This is something to pay attention to because your liver is trying to tell you that it is overwhelmed and cannot deal with these additional toxins coming your way.
  4. Confusion: When liver malfunction is more severe the toxic load in your bloodstream builds and mental confusion can result. This is a serious symptom and you need to rapidly take stress off your liver before permanent damage results. As mentioned earlier, the liver is very tough, but when it is pushed beyond a certain threshold, repair may no longer be possible.

If your liver is malfunctioning you can notice a variety of symptoms. Early on digestive complaints such as diarrhea, indigestion, intolerance to fatty foods can all occur. Weight gain or weight loss, lethargy, dark circles under your eyes, chemical sensitivity, bruising easily and skin conditions such as acne or eczema can occur. Hormonal imbalance is also a result of poor liver function. 

The classic liver disease, cirrhosis, associated with alcoholism, has been replaced, thanks to our terrible diet and poor lifestyle choices, with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, a “new” disease that causes devastation to liver function despite the patient not abusing alcohol. The good news is that the liver “loves” to heal and is readily repaired unless too much damage has occurred.

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Elisa Schmitz
I did not realize all of this, Dr. Vikki Petersen . I learn so much from you. Many thanks for all you share with us!
I know someone with liver probs. 🙏🏼

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