Our Path to Happiness: 4 Easy Ways to Raise Your Vibration & Be Happier by Debra Ferrie

a year ago

Our Path to Happiness: 4 Easy Ways to Raise Your Vibration & Be Happier

Everything is energy. We all vibrate at a certain energy level and we may be able to change that by simply doing different things and thinking different thoughts. Without getting into quantum physics, let’s just think of it as what we do, think, say and feel, we become.

So if we want to become lighter, rather than that heavy sluggish energy we all carry time to time, we need to do the things that create that lighter feeling. If we want to feel better – and happier – we have to choose surrounding ourselves with those things that do make us feel better. Sometimes it’s easier said than done, right?

There are many ways to raise your vibration. Some simple and seemingly straightforward (that will be unique for each of us), some deeper and harder for many people. As an example, meditation.

1. Meditation

Meditation is known to have tremendous health benefits. For many beginners though, they don’t know where or how to start. Start by sitting. In your home, yard, a park or wherever you feel comfortable. Close your eyes and focus on breathing.

While I am no meditation expert, it is a rather simple and extremely difficult thing all at once. Clear your mind of thoughts, worries and fears. The thing is, the more we try to clear our thoughts, the more we think. Like when we TRY to fall asleep fast, it just doesn’t work. When we relax without trying to sleep, it’s easier to drift off.

Eventually, while sitting, you get to a point where each thought becomes like a leaf floating in a stream in front of you – it appears and it is gone. We focus again and again on the breath, feeling it, listening to it. There are many guided meditation apps you can use. If you need some guidance, try Calm or Headspace.

2. Singing

Some others are hard for certain people. Singing, for example. While there are people who sing daily, maybe you are not one of them. Try this: put on a song you grew up with that brings back wonderful memories or maybe just something happy and upbeat (Sweet Caroline, Bob Marley, Beach Boys? OK, I’m dating myself here.)

Then sing along and sing LOUD. After the song ends, take inventory of how you feel. Didn’t that feel amazing? Is your mood two to three notches up on the mood scale?

3. Get Outside

What about getting outside? So many of us work inside, get in the car or on the train, rush home, have dinner and spend the night inside, too. There has to be a better way. Where can you sneak in some time in nature? Go barefoot for the grounding benefits if you can! Can you take a nightly walk at a park or even sit in your yard while having dinner?

4. Be Nice

Smiling at strangers can be daunting. It’s something I do more and more and I actually love to compliment people now. Just the other day I said to a quite elderly woman that her dress was beautiful. I told my daughter later, “You know, that woman could live alone and not see anyone in her day except the people in the store where she was getting groceries. I hope I made her day a bit brighter.” (The woman did give me a huge smile and thank you, so I know it was appreciated.) Try complimenting three people a day and see how great you feel from it!

Each idea here may bring you to a level of higher vibration and inner happiness. In turn, you spread that light, content feeling to everyone around you, and so on and so on. And that is how we can spread light, love and joy, starting with ourselves.

I know I have much to work on, as I am a work in progress, always morphing, always reminding myself to grow, change, try, do, feel, live and create more happiness in my life.

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Donna John
Wonderful tips here, Debra Ferrie . I totally agree that our thoughts can shape our happiness and how our days/lives go. Singing is a big one for me. My car radio is always cranked LOUD and I sing along very loudly when out and about. Great mood improver and stress reliever.
Debra Ferrie
Thanks Donna! I am more of a nature person to help de-stress, I need those long beach walks, or hikes in the woods. But singing - or even listening to music- is very therapeutic isn't it?
More people need to just be nice. How hard is it, really? Great tips. 🙏🏼
Meditation heals and raises the right energy. 🔥
Elisa Schmitz
Great suggestions, Debra Ferrie , and couldn't agree more. Thank you for sharing, and welcome to 30Seconds!

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