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2 years ago

How to Stop Grinding Your Teeth: 5 Easy Solutions to Help With Bruxism or Teeth Grinding

Grinding your teeth can be a natural occurrence for many people. However, when this becomes a constant problem, it can damage a lot more than just your stress levels. The majority of teeth grinders don’t even realize that they are doing it – it happens only while they sleep. This can be especially difficult for anyone who sleeps close to you. The good news is there may be ways to stop teeth grinding, or Bruxism, from happening. 

1. Exercise When You're Stressed

Did you know that one of the best natural remedies for stress is exercise or outdoor activities? Did you also know that one of the main reasons why people suffer from Bruxism is stress? Adding a few sessions of working out, running or other physical activity a few times a week may help you to relax and get some much-needed oxygen into your brain, which can significantly help to de-stress from those everyday worries. Relaxing in such a way also may help you to grind your teeth less.

2. Use a Mouth Guard

When you grind your teeth constantly, you can easily end up ruining the enamel on your veneers. This makes them more vulnerable to small cracks, chips and cavities. According to a local North York dentist, wearing a nighttime mouth guard can aid toward stopping this habit. The majority of dentists can fit you with one of these devices, which are small and easy to wear without any hassles and customize it to your mouth so it is comfortable.

Buying a mouth guard at a store may not be the right move, as it will not be customized to the shape and size of your mouth, and may either be too loose and fall out or too tight and uncomfortable. If you inquire about this at a dental practice, you can help yourself as well as anyone who sleeps next to you and hears your constant grinding.

3. Give Yourself a Massage

That’s right, massages may help relieve this unconscious habit. When you are faced with a stressful situation at home or in the office, you may naturally clench your jaw. If this is the case, relax your face and give yourself a jaw massage by rubbing it to release the build up of tension in and around your mouth.

If you pay careful attention to your facial muscles, there are some tell-tale signs to know when you are stressed. As a matter of fact, give yourself a full facial massage while you are at it.

Apart from the three suggestions above, you also could try:

  • Relaxing before bed. Take a warm bath, apply a warm heating pad to your jaw or try a herbal tea such as chamomile or lavender to help you to relax.
  • Stop chewing gum. Repetitive motions keep your jaw clenched.

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Elisa Schmitz
This is so interesting. I find myself clenching my jaw sometimes, but I have not been told that I grind my teeth. I'm going to pay more attention to this (and give my jaw a massage, great idea)!
I totally do this. Great tips.
Very helpful info! 😁
Donna John
I started clinching my teeth after my divorce, which lead to gum damage on my left side. I tried one of those mouth guards you buy at the store and boil, then bite to mold. Was horrible. My dentist wants me to get one made, because I still do occasionally, find myself clinching while I sleep from stress. I would urge anyone to seek help before it gets to the point of damaging your gums and teeth. Great tips here.

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