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3 years ago

The Home Health-Care Option: 6 Benefits of Hiring Home Health Aides for Aging Loved Ones

Caring for a loved one is a very gratifying feeling, but the challenges can be overwhelming. Caregiving is a constant responsibility. If you can’t commit all your time to your aging loved one because of work and other responsibilities, don't worry. While there are several care options for your loved one, hiring a home health aide may be a good option, more so if you are apprehensive about the prospect of sending your loved one to a nursing home.

If you're considering the home health aide option, here are the top benefits of doing so:

1. Your Loved One May Be More Comfortable

Leaving home and moving to a new place can be a big and challenging lifestyle change for your loved one. And because of their age, they may not be very comfortable leaving their home. With home care, you liberate your loved one from the worries of adjusting to a new place. Your loved one gets to stay at home and receive professional care.

2. Your Loved One May Recover Faster

Patients who receive care from the comfort of their home after an illness or surgery may recover faster, according to research studies. Plus, they may be less susceptible to developing infections as they are not exposed to the pathogens in hospitals.

3. Your Loved One Gets Personalized Care

Caregivers working at nursing homes divide their attention among all their patients. Although most do their jobs with utmost dedication, your loved one may not get complete attention. With home health care, your loved one gets undivided attention and personalized care. Home care plans are tailored to the needs of the recipient and the family, making them a better option than other care options.

4. Your Loved One Stays Independent

Watching their independence slip out of their hands can be a traumatizing experience. Home care allows people to get hold of various aspects of their life, not losing their independence completely. Your loved one gets to use their own room and bathroom, follow their regular schedule, eat what they like, sleep when they want, meet their friends and do whatever they like or can do. Plus, staying with their family may keep them happy and content. A plus is that their caregiver can run errands for them and takes them to doctor’s appointments.

5. You Are Actively Involved in Their Care

Sending your loved one to a nursing home isn’t just challenging for them, but also for you. Not being able to be there for them may send you on a guilt trip. With home health care, you can stay involved with the care of your loved one. You can be with them, take care of their needs, run errands for them and be there when they need you. Plus, you may not spend your working hours worrying about them. Home care can give you peace of mind.

6. Home Care Is Cost Effective

Hiring a home health aide is a cost-effective care option. As home health aides charge by the hour, this option is very flexible. If your loved one needs care for only a few hours, you can hire a home health aide, pay them on a per hour basis and save your money. Plus, several long-term insurance plans may cover home care.

Home health aides are beneficial for people looking for a professional and flexible care option for their elderly loved ones. If you are caring for an aging loved one and considering hiring home health aides, reach out to services like FreedomCare and hire a professional and experienced home health aide for your loved one.

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Elisa Schmitz
This is a very helpful and timely article. We are going through some of this right now, and I really appreciate the insights, thank you!
Julie Rose
I would much rather have home health care than a nursing home, for my loved ones and myself.
Great points. Hadn't thought of all of this.
The sandwich generation stuff is very real. 🙏🏼
Sounds like a good alternative in a difficult situation. Sad seeing loved ones aging and needing help.

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