Living a ​Self-ish Lifestyle: Why It's the Ultimate Self-care Practice by Krista Nerestant

2 years ago

Living a ​Self-ish Lifestyle: Why It's the Ultimate Self-care Practice

Living a self-ish lifestyle affirms that your existence – no matter how subtle or disruptive your ripples may be to the world around you – matters! This lifestyle requires you to ask, “How am I impacting society with my existence? Are my interactions with the world within me and around me based on quantity or quality? Am I happy? Is it healthy?"

In an over-stimulated society of instant gratifications through an app for everything, social media filters and information overload through the internet, everything is zooming by so fast that most are being swept up in the frenzy and left without a strong foundation of SELF to hold on to.

Who are you? What do you stand for? What are your strengths? What unique superpowers do you possess? What weaknesses or shadows do you recognize within yourself so you can process and transform it quickly? What are your go-to resources to overcome? Which aspects of yourself are you most comfortable with – mentalphysicalemotional and spiritual? Most importantly, is this healthy and serving me to my best and highest good?

The ability to be honest with the deepest parts of yourself will reveal your true nature. One that is aligned with both your human/ego and Spirit self. You will be living, in real time, soulfully. Moving, experiencing, threading and living in harmony within yourself and all that surrounds you. Isn’t that nice?

The truth is, living a self-ish lifestyle is the practice of being in your power rather than giving it away to the people, situations or circumstances around you. It is not about serving from your cup, but fill your cup up so much that you are serving from the overflow of your cup. Serve from the saucer and be selective on who touches the rim of your cup.

  • You are a spiritual being having a human experience.
  • You are equipped with the resources you need to overcome.
  • Your perspective becomes your reality.

Self-ish lifestyle is the ultimate form of self-careFearangergriefanxiety and rants exist, but with a self-ish regimen, it is not fed. It is acknowledged, faced and processed. We recognize that it exists but so do triumphs, confidence, hope, love, courage and faith. This self-care regimen of shifting perspective moves you away from the powerless narrative of a victim mentality to the triumphant self-champion. Negative self-talk won’t be tolerated and transparency is advocated resulting in the following:

But practicing living a self-ish lifestyle requires you to practice accountability, responsibility and self-awareness, leaving you to do the same for the people around you. This is the highway to self discovery and personal growth. Are you ready? 

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I never thought about it like that. Refreshing!
Elisa Schmitz
"The truth is, living a self-ish lifestyle is the practice of being in your power rather than giving it away to the people, situations or circumstances around you." Wow, this is really powerful. Many thanks for sharing your insight, Krista Nerestant , and welcome to 30Seconds. We look forward to learning more from you!

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